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5 Best Treatments For Your Pet’s Allergies

5 Best Treatments For Your Pet’s Allergies
March 7, 2023

Is your pet chewing his paws, scratching non-stop, or sporting red eyes?

There are many signs that your pet could have seasonal, environmental, or food allergies. Pets can have as many allergies as humans can, but they often go undiagnosed. The symptoms can be incredibly irritating, causing sores, bald patches, and ear infections.

Diagnosing the Cause

The first step we take in helping your pet is figuring out what is causing the allergic reaction. While seasonal allergies are the most common, your pet might be allergic to an ingredient in their food, a type of cleaner, or many other things. A blood test or skin scraping test can help us pinpoint exactly what is causing your pet’s reactions.

Simple Changes

We can help you consider the small things, like wiping your pet down with baby wipes after spending time outside, that can reduce even seasonal allergens. There are small parts of your daily routine that could be adjusted to ensure your pet has little contact with the allergens or is better able to handle that contact. Over time, your vet may even work with your pet in immunotherapy to “desensitize” your pet to reduce severe reactions.

Natural Remedies

Veterinary services like ours are always looking for the most natural and cost-effective treatments for your pet. Sometimes, natural supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids and Yucca can work overtime to help your pet’s reactions calm down.

Medication Options

Your vet will help you determine the antihistamines, steroids, or medicated lotions that can help reduce the symptoms. Of course, there is nothing better than treating the problem by avoiding the allergens, but keeping ahead of the curve will keep your pet’s symptoms at bay.

Follow-Up Exams

Schedule an appointment with Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor today. As your veterinarian in Palm Harbor, we will help you diagnose your pet, find the most helpful treatments and then check up with your pet from time to time to ensure symptoms don’t return.

Call us at (727) 784-0558 today and let us help you and your pet find an affordable solution you can both live with!

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