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Bird Care

Professional bird care from world-renowned Avian Veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy

At the Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor, our specialized avian veterinary team is proud to provide top-tier bird care.

From avian nutrition and breeding to preventive medicine and training, our Board Certified veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy, will help your exotic pet bird live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Routine Check-ups Keep Your Pet Birds Healthy and Active

One of the first veterinarians in the world to become Board Certified in Avian Veterinary Medicine, our bird care team is led by renowned avian veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy.

To this extent, our Avian veterinary clinic in Palm Harbor provides comprehensive bird care including wellness exams, sick care, nutrition counseling, and breeding assistance.

The bird care team can also perform tests for avian illnesses, including Chlamydiosis, which is transferrable to humans. A fecal sample test allows us to detect and treat parasites.

What are the Basics of a Bird Wellness Exam?

During a wellness exam for your pet bird, Dr. Murphy will perform a physical exam, nail trim, and blood screening to check organ function and overall health.

If there is anything specific issue your bird is experiencing, we'll also check into that as well.

During the wellness visit, our avian veterinary team can make nutritional recommendations to ensure your bird receives a balanced diet. In general, we recommend a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a vitamin or mineral supplement.

Pet & Exotic Bird Care Services

  • Yearly Exams & Vaccinations
  • Internal Medicine
  • Psittacosis/PFBD/Polyoma Testing
  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Fiber Optic Laparoscopy
  • Surgical Sexing
  • Chromosomal Sexing
  • Avian Medicine Consultation
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • How–To-Care Books

To learn more about our avian veterinary services and to schedule an appointment, call our palm harbor vet clinic today at (727) 784-0558

Bird Care

Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor