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Our Practice

The Animal & Bird Medical Center is one of the most state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals in Florida.

We provide routine and advanced specialty care for dogs, cats, birds, and other exotic pets.

State-of-the-Art Care for Your Pet is Affordable

Our vet clinic in Palm Harbor was founded on the principles of making advanced veterinary care affordable for pet owners. You will never find a more highly trained, dedicated team of animal lovers to care for your pet.

While we are known for our Advanced and Traditional veterinary medicine, Dr. Murphy also strongly believes in utilizing the best of all medical systems including Holistic veterinary medicine such as Ayurvedic, Chinese, Naturopathic, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Reiki, Adamantine systems of healing.

Nationally Recognized Center for the Treatment of Pets and Exotic Birds

The Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor is a nationally recognized referral center for the medical and surgical treatment of Exotic Birds.  Our hospital and Dr. Joel Murphy's books and research have been featured on Animal Planet, Good Morning America, and Bird Talk magazine as well as many veterinary and aviculture seminars in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

We provide specialized bird transport to-and-from the Tampa International Airport for clients sending birds from out of state.

Our vet clinic in Palm Harbor serves clients from all over Florida, including Pinellas County, Tampa, Bradenton, Orlando, Miami, Sarasota, and Naples.

We Care For Your Pet Like Our Very Own

When you visit our hospital, you will see for yourself how dedicated we are to providing your pet with the very best veterinary care. All of our staff have pets that they truly love and they understand how important your pet is to you. That is why we welcome you to be with your pet during procedures and even surgery. You will not find a more dedicated and highly trained staff of professionals.

What makes the Animal & Bird Medical Center so special?

Aside from the fact that our veterinarians and staff are avid pet lovers, probably the most notable aspect of the Animal & Bird Medical Center is that they possess the latest and most comprehensive veterinary healing technology available today for both traditional and conventional, to holistic medicine at extremely reasonable fees. So when your pet is sick, we can find out exactly what’s wrong and prescribe the right treatment on the spot.

Reliability. Dependability. Trustworthy.

There is honestly no other veterinary hospital like it anywhere in the area. The doctors and staff at the Animal & Bird Medical Center give you and your pet the most tender loving care in one of the most state-of-the-art hospitals in Florida. Our Dr. Joel Murphy has written books, lectured all over the world, and is recognized as a national authority on pet care. He has assembled a team of highly trained professionals to care for your pet.

Call us at (727) 784-0558 today to book your next visit!

Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor