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Holistic & Alternative Care

Our veterinary practice is a leader in natural, alternative medicine for your pet.

Animals, like humans, are individually unique; not all respond to traditional medical treatments in the same way. Holistic medical treatments provide a complementary alternative to more invasive procedures.

Holistic pet healing foundations are centered on Love, Empathy, and Respect. By combining certain Stress Reducing therapies with traditional modern medicine, provides your pet with a complete form of personalized medical treatment. Dr. Joel Murphy is certified by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

In addition to the highest quality traditional medicine, Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor offers the following holistic veterinary services:

Holistic & Alternative Veterinarian in $city

Other Holistic Services

Help your pet relax and heal with this holistic treatment.

Call us at (727) 784-0558 to learn more about our alternative and holistic pet care.

Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor